The World’s First Patented Backpack
With A Built-In Massager

Go on and carry the world on your
shoulders. We’ve got your back!

Built-In Massager

Ease out prolonged discomfort by rejuvenating your back muscles on-the-go with our patented, built-in massager.

USB Charging

Never run out of power! This bag features a USB port that can charge your mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.

Built to Last

Forged from the finest, ultra-light fabrics, our highly durables bags come with a free 18 month warranty.

Light As A Feather

EUME bags are custom engineered to be light yet sturdy, making them ideal for long distance travel.

Sleek, Stylish,

With cutting edge technology seamlessly integrated into an exquisite, tough body, EUME is the ultimate blend of comfort and functionality. It truly is an indispensable companion for every occasion.

Adjustable Strap

The Daily Pack and Travel Pack are designed to be universal to various heights and back sizes. Using the height adjustment strap at either side of the bag, the user can align the backpack to their requirements.

Massager Buttons

Mode 1: Operates the top massagers

Mode 2: Operates the lower massagers

Mode 3: Operates both the massagers

Mode 4: Switches off both the massagers

It's time to turn your back on
backaches. Let's take the next step.