About us

The brand EUME itself means everything about YOU AND ME. Its a synergy of a relationship be it the couple who founded the brand, to the backpack and the user, to the organisation and the employees. On a larger note EUME is understanding each other’s need to synergise. EUME the lifestyle company is an arm of Avon lifestyle Pvt Ltd. Avon has a strong platform of manufacturing umbrella parts and umbrella since 1979 and luggage since 2007 and is known in the corporate industry for their strong business policies of quality control and assurance,timely deliveries and trusted services. The founders of EUME Mr Sanjay Parekh & Ms Naina Parekh have carried forward the legacy of the same attributes of Avon by giving back to the society in their own way by innovation of a game changer antistress massager backpack which helps one’s physical and mental wellness. The antistress massager backpack is the first innovative product launched by the brand which will soon be followed by a complete range of travel and lifestyle accessories. We at EUME believe in being perfect in what we do and that’s the reason of taking steps one after the another. The first of its kind antistress backpack has revolutionised the backpack industry by creating awareness and addressing the painpoint a backpack user goes through. We at EUME after visiting several spine clinics,orthopaedics and physiotherapist developed this backpack which helps in stimulating the tired trapezium thus creating a relaxation even after weight on the back. The well thought and well designed backpack is not a cure but surely takes care of the ergonomics of the back and can help you as a preventable measure in developing hunchbacks,rounded shoulders,stiffness thus creating a happy back.


Founded by Mr. Chandan Parekh as manufacturers of Ribs, Tubes and skeletons of Umbrellas.


Extended as finished Umbrellas manufacture for OEMS & Corporate companies


Diversification into manufacturing of travel luggage bags OEMS & Corporate Companies


Avon entered the consumer market with “FENDO” Brand Umbrellas


Introduced Premium Umbrellas under Brand name “Murano”


Added Complete Range of Travel Luggage Bags under the “EUME”


Launch the World’s First Patented Anti Stress Massager Backpack under the Brand “EUME”


The philosophy

The founders of EUME strongly believe in adding value and touching peoples lives. EUME believes that However best is the product or the brand,if it does no good to the user then surely comes the dilution of the thought of service to humankind in any form. The brand validates its philosophy by introducing the Patented worlds first anti stress massager backpack which comes across as the feature which was long impending but never implemented. The passion to serve with a vision is what EUME stands for!

Naina Parekh (Founder / Director)

Naina Parekh, was responsible for visualising and conceptualising EUME’s most recognisable feature, i.e. the massager. Her flair for creativity is strongly complemented by her prowess as a problem solver, attributes that have won her many notable accolades, including a chapter in the book ‘Awaken the Magic Real Stories of Love, Hope and Inspiration’, which was released by former Vice President Hamid Ansari. Naina attributes much of her success to her perfect teaming with husband Sanjay and the family she’s married into, which propels her to use her creativity and unique perspective to make invaluable contributions to the business.

Sanjay Parekh (Founder / Director)

An engineer by vocation but brand-master by profession, Sanjay Parekh’s penchant for innovation, and drive for perfection, led him to create EUME. Sanjay transformed the interesting concept behind its flagship backpack into a tangible product through sheer force of will, coupled by his technical expertise. He inherits his uncompromising drive for quality from his father, and this passion for detail and excellence is evident, in every single EUME backpack. Working closely with his wife Naina Parekh, Sanjay complements her creative magnificence by giving shape to her revolutionary innovations, and taking EUME to greater heights of success.

Pranay Parekh (Founder / Director)

Pranay Parekh, currently pursuing his Industrial Engineering degree at Purdue University in the United States of America, is the young force behind the innovations at EUME he along with his mother Naina, were the source of inspiration behind the revolutionary massaging backpack idea. His ability to stay updated with all the new technological creations all around the world has made it possible for EUME to stay at par, and go beyond the features that the backpacks of today have to offer. A great problem solver, Pranay tests our products on a daily basis (whether it be airports, or treks, or walking all around his college campus while taking feedback from his peers) to understand the requirements of a user and then inculcate the same in the designs. Understanding the importance of patents and the potential uses of this specific technology, Pranay has undertaken the challenge of creating more products under the EUME banner, and is currently working on the development of some of these!


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