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The Move variant is EUME’s most premium and biggest backpack, with 3 detachable sleeves, one for your clothes, one for your toiletry, and one ha...
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  • The Move variant is EUME’s most premium and biggest backpack, with 3 detachable sleeves, one for your clothes, one for your toiletry, and one handy laptop bag, as well as an in-built shoe compartment in the bottom region. It is the perfect backpack to take with you on your travels, as well as if you’re into trekking, hiking, and other adventurous sports. 
  • EUME has really covered all the bases with the ANTI-STRESS Massager Laptop Backpack. Regardless of your intended use — whether it's for work, business trips, school, travel — this model has got the goods that make it work it nearly any situation. NOTE : This bag comes without a power-bank. We are providing a 1 year warranty for both Backpack and Massager (External Damage will not be covered in it).       
  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: We would recommend you to clean the backpack with wet drenched mop and dry it in natural sunlight as this backpack involves electrical components.                                            
  • Back Massager: At just the push of a button, the advanced strategically positioned massagers can give you a relaxing massage, that’s guaranteed to soothe every fiber of your being, anywhere, any time. 
  • Durability: EUME is crafted by some of the industry's most skilled sewers using only the finest and most durable materials, making the bag impressively flexible for most forms of physical use. 
  • Charging Instructions: Inside the bag there are two inbuilt USB ports with the help of which we can charge or use the Massager by connecting to the external Powerbank of 10000 MAH or Higher.
  • 1 USB with Two External Ports: There is an USB which has 2 ports, the first port built in charging cable with the help of the power bank which is placed inside the bag, offers convenient charging of your electronic device like phones, tablet and music player; and other port is micro-USB which help us to charge your power bank which is inside the bag from an external electronic source.
  • Variant Description: The Move backpack is 14.25” x 7.5” x 22.5” in size, and weighs 2800 grams. This weight includes the weight of the additional three sleeves/backpacks that are inside, and are detachable. It can hold up to a 17” laptop, and up to 40 liters in volume. 
  • Please note: Power-banks are not included with the product.

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